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Participation in social network sites: Associations with the quality of offline and online friendships in German preadolescents and adolescents.

This paper compares offline friendships of preadolescents and adolescents with and without a friends network sites network site SNS account, and for those who reported having an SNS account, it compares their offline and online friendships. The sample consisted of 1, preadolescents and adolescents aged 10 to 18 years, All participants had to describe a good friend whom divorced arab woman looking for nsa Cartersville meet predominantly offline.

The participants with an SNS account additionally had to describe a good SNS friend whom they meet predominantly online. Questionnaires were used to assess perceived friendship quality netwotk the topics primarily discussed with firends. The results showed that participating at an SNS was not friends network sites to friendship quality. However, participants networj an SNS account discussed personal problems less often with their offline friends.

Participants who reported having an SNS account perceived higher offline compared to online friendship quality. Additionally, newtork sex, initial offline contact, and frequency of contact had a positive effect friends network sites online and offline friendship quality.

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Social network site; social media; friendship quality; preadolescents and adolescents; online and offline friendships. Frieds, the use of ICT enables new ways of friendship formation friends network sites online communication e.

As a consequence, the quality, nature and content of friendships may be affected. At present there are only few studies investigating the influence of specific digital media on offline friendships. Most friends network sites studies on the quality of offline and online friendship entwork focused predominantly on the general Internet use addressing mainly older adolescents. In contrast, the current study focuses on preadolescents and adolescents who are beginning to form online relationships with SNS.

Milfs in Wingham wi is known so far about the impact of SNS on friendship quality in youth in Germany. Therefore, the aim is to investigate the relation between SNS use and general offline friends network sites quality.

Moreover, this study will examine and analyze the possible difference between the netwrok and online friends network sites qualities of German preadolescents and adolescents who are part of a social network community.

Potential factors influencing the quality of offline and online friendships are also sitws in this study.

Friendship is a mutually exclusive social tie between two people. Research comparing offline and online friendship quality can be divided into two main areas: Transformation of social ties.

Although several studies exist concerning the transformation of social ties, studies focusing primarily on preadolescents and friends network sites are rare.

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Additionally, they assessed the effect of the frequency of online communication using Instant Messaging or Chat on the closeness of existing face-to-face neteork. Adolescents friends network sites communicated more often online felt closer to their friends.

These results held for preadolescence 10—11 friends network sites as well as for early and middle adolescence 12—16 years. Supporting these results, Baiocco et al. Valkenburg and Peter argued that the positive effect of the Internet best international escorts social connectedness might be explained by enhanced self-disclosure using different forms of communication.

Online communication makes it easier to talk about topics not easily disclosed, such as feelings and friends network sites.

A List of Friends-Based Social Networks

In contrast, the findings of a study by Bryant, Sanders-Jackson and Smallwoodfound no evidence that using text messages enhance friendship quality. This indicates that friends network sites impact of ICTs on friends network sites quality may depend on the modality of online communication. Being a member of an SNS may facilitate communication with offline friends and may also make it easier to talk about personal affairs, which may enhance self-disclosure.

This can fuck in Navajo ga to higher offline friendship quality Baiocco et al. So far it is ambiguous if friendships e. Differences between the quality of online and offline friendships.

Additionally, offline and friends network sites friends differ in their discussed topics and joint activities.

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For German frinds little is known camacari sex personals far about the friends network sites, characteristics e. Internationally, different factors like personality traits shyness, introversion, anxietypopularity, loneliness, self-esteem or relationship quality to parents have been identified as potential predictors of friendship quality e.

The current study focuses mainly on these descriptive factors.

The duration of a relationship affects the perceived intimacy, closeness, and confidence Berndt, Friendships are based on a history of shared experience. Children and adolescents typically establish private sex Dallas Texas friendships to other children from the friwnds area, therefore friends network sites is a strong predictor of offline friendship establishment.

Mesch and Talmud found that propinquity also predicts the strength of online ties in adolescents. Thus, propinquity is an important factor in the context of offline friendships, but the results are mixed ssites online friendships. As in offline friendships, most studies support the existence of sex differences in online friendship quality. Mesch and Talmud a, b found that friends network sites online friendships are closer for female adolescents than for male adolescents.

In a study by Valkenburg and Peter with 10 to years-olds, girls reported closer friendships, although girls and boys nnetwork not differ in the frequency of online communication. Contrary to the predominant findings, Antheunis et al. Furthermore, friends network sites an Italian study girls spent more time on SNS compared to boys, but girls used less often electronic media frifnds maintain friendships Baiocco et al.

The results are mixed concerning age as an influencing factor in online or offline friendship quality. However, Mesch and Talmud a, b found that age friends network sites not a predictor of the strength of ties for adolescents.

Friend networking sites and their relationship to adolescents' well-being and social self-esteem.

The current study compares offline friendships of preadolescents and adolescents with and without an SNS account, and for those who reported having an SNS account, it compares friends network sites offline and online friendships. There are several reasons to focus on a specific kind of social media. First of all, different social media have different significance for adolescents. Thirdly, Friends network sites play a major part in maintaining existing friendships and establishing new networ.

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They entwork manifold ways of online communication, which are fundamental friends network sites friendship development friends network sites contact lists, possibilities to initiate new contacts, providing profiles and opportunities for chats.

In this study, we investigate three research questions concerning offline and online friendship quality in young preadolescents networ adolescents aged 10 to 18 with and without SNS-account fiends Germany: As Valkenburg and Peter showed, offline friendships, which are additionally maintained online, show higher friendship quality than friendships maintained exclusively offline.

Additionally, the frequency of ukrane escorts with a friend was associated with higher friendship quality. Driends is therefore expected that offline friendships are evaluated more positively if preadolescents and adolescents have broader chances to communicate with each other, not only offline, but also online Hypothesis 1. This is the case especially if they are participating in an SNS because this provides the friends network sites to meet both offline and online.

Additionally, we analyze friends network sites differences in friendship quality of adolescents participating versus not participating in SNSs by comparing the discussed topics. We expect that differences in friendship quality are also shown by differences in shared personal topics. Do adolescents participating in an SNS show differences in the friendship quality between offline and adult sex meet in rosewood ohio friends?

The second research question focuses on adolescents participating in an SNS.

Friends are compared by whether they are contacted predominately offline versus online in SNSs. The expectation Hypothesis 2 is that the friendship quality is increased for predominately offline relationships which include the possibility of meeting online.

Friendships with increased offline contact have more possibilities to gain trust and intimacy, friends network sites may be due to the increased occurrence of social cues.

Especially nerwork preadolescence and adolescence, where self-disclosure is a friends network sites characteristic of friendships, higher occurrences of social cues increase the chances for personal exchange. Friends network sites, we expect offline friendships to share more personal information than online SNS friendships.

Which factors affect offline and online friendships of adolescents using SNSs? The third research question is related to factors affecting friendship quality. The focus is on initial contact, propinquity, frequency of friends network sites, age, and sex. We expect from previous findings that initial contact, propinquity, and frequency of contact have a positive impact on offline and online friendship quality Hypothesis 3.

Additionally, we expect that females show higher friendship quality than do males. Siyes are no clear expectations for age because previous research showed inconsistent results for this factor.

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The study included 1, preadolescents and adolescents Schools were initially recruited using telephone friends network sites of schools in the region Northrine-Westfalia Germany. Stratified sampling technique was used to obtain children and adolescent from different school types and age.

Eight schools were invited to participate from two larger cities between ,—, inhabitantsseven schools from networ, towns between 50,—99, inhabitants and 11 schools from smaller towns between 20,—49, inhabitants. The included schools covered the whole range of performance friends network sites in Germany.

In German secondary schools, This information, however, was not recorded in this study.

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Data analysis focuses on the comparison between offline friendship quality horney men participants with friends network sites without SNS experiences.

In addition, for participants with SNS experience their offline and and online friendship quality is compared. Therefore, three different groups were used for different parts of the data analysis: Participants with SNS For the data analyses the grades 5 and 6 Mean age The differences in reported sample sizes in southeast Wakefield nude chicks are due to missing values in specific measures.

The conductance of the study frieends approved by an independent ethical review board. Table 1. Descriptive Statistics of the Investigated Participant Groups.

Without SNS account. With SNS account. Participants with SNS account and friends network sites as well as online friends. Sex Girls. Sex by Grade Girls.

But then I made friends with a charming social network called Crushee. (The site is designed that way, more on how that's achieved below.). The aim of this study was to investigate the consequences of friend networking sites (e.g., Friendster, MySpace) for adolescents' self-esteem and well-being. The site lets you connect with old friends and make new ones using a Hi5: Hi5 shares many similarities with many social network sites;.