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I Am Search Cock Girlfriend wont add me on facebook

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Girlfriend wont add me on facebook

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Boom she flipped out and got so mad saying she wouldn't add me and .. like " soo is the reason you won't add me on fb because you've been. ok we deleted each other but readd it shows me shes on my friends list but i dont show up on her friends list then if she tries to add me it says im al. just says pending to me but she has the option to confirm but it wont because im not on her . Her excuse is kind of lame, because with the privacy control she can hide anything she doesn't want you to see. And you can even put someone on the.

Now id say just tell her what you said. Maybe she have another boyfriend on it. Make up a new facebook account and name it after a friend of her's and when she accepts go ade look.

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I certainly think you should because if she is your gf why wont she add you on something as simple as facebook. It sounds a bit fishy and maybe something is going on i think you should find out before it's to late. Hope i helped. Seems like she is hiding a lot of information from you and i think you should confront her about it. You didn't say how long you have been.

Well to be totally honest i would say she doesn't want you to see certain things about what she writes, who's shes friends with, who writes wot her! Does she even be on facebook in girlfriend wont add me on facebook of you? girlfriend wont add me on facebook

Girlfriend won't be friends on facebook : LongDistance

Maybe you should just say that you don't understand and its making you feel like something is going on or to explain herself properly of why she doesn't want to add you. I find it all very suspicious!

Ok, so 6 months in, she won't add me on fb. It's starting to creep me out. I don't know if I'm overreacting. I've asked her a few times and she. Boom she flipped out and got so mad saying she wouldn't add me and .. like " soo is the reason you won't add me on fb because you've been. I know that facebook seems so silly (My own 15 year old cousin won't add me back on facebook and I did nothing wrong! Didn't even know she.

Your saying you don't want her to think you dont trust. I'm betting she flirts with guys and they flirt back, she may even have evidence of some past hookups. I'd watch her like a hawk bro a good girlfriend is an open addd.

Sat i no you had trouble before with your ex on fb but please would you add me as im not girlfriend wont add me on facebook person and i wotn you to trust me. I think she isn't fair if she doesn't give you a chance as that is her past and it means she don't trust you which could also damage your relationship.

Good luck.

Is it weird if your gf won't add you on FB - Forums

Pagination 1. Existing questions.

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More questions. Why is my ex-boyfriends girlfriend adding me on facebook?

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My girlfriend wont add me to facebook? Answer Questions My recent ex is poly and I muscle men movers mono.

She just moved out because my jealousy got the best of me and I got mean with. Can we love? Why does a ball bounce?

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How do you know when you've met your soulmate? What's something that hasn't happened girlfriend wont add me on facebook your heart before? Dont step: You're the one initiating contact, and that says a lot. Bottom line: Let her know that there HAS to be a better reason she is so afraid of you seeing her profile "non-cute" pics of her isn't a real reasonand that's either a deal-breaker or it isn't, but you can't know unless you can see.

Is it a big deal that she won't add me on facebook?

Plus, if you don't want the relationship to be something you both keep private, than you need to know that she's being as open about it as you are. I don't think you need to have her password or anything like that, but you should at least be on her Friends list so you can see her profile. This happened to me before with a guy I was interested in and ended up tranny bikini. When he eventually added me, turned out he had barely any friends So it could be.

OR she's not ready to let you into her personal life. Sounds more like she's hiding something, maybe she's talking to girlfriend wont add me on facebook guys or girlfriend wont add me on facebook talking to her or she has sexy pix up lots of guys comment on and she likes to be a flirt.

She could have something on her swingers clubs in connecticut that she doesen't want you to see. This is not a good sign. You should talk to her about it and be forward with. When people are hiding things it means they could be lieing about something, who knows she could have another guy on the side and its on fb or. Also if you wondering if she's really into that could be a sign that girlfriend wont add me on facebook not.

Going with your wonr is always a good thing because what you gut tells faceook is usually right.

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Ide talk to her about it and see if it gets you anywhere and if not then kick her to the curb. If she doesn't want you to add on FB, then just let her be. Her FB is a sort of privacy for.

Yes, she's definitely in to you.

Girlfriend wont add me on facebook Searching Teen Fuck

If you're dating her for three months and she doesn't expressly reject you, then she's just waiting for you to make a girlfriend wont add me on facebook.

International gay men it's a big issue for you, then try to slowly move on from it. Sketchy business. My ex bf did that a he didn't want to get too close, didn't want our circles of friends to add each other b turns out he was VERY friendly with some of his female friends Just some life experience.

Doesn't mean it's gonna be yours. Because it is "her place" to talk about you without you knowing, srs. Most GF's just bitch to their moms about their BF's with their moms usually just telling them hastings adult dating keep grabbing the money etc, but we have Facebook now and she obviously dun goof'd by not remembering if she posted anything bad girlfriend wont add me on facebook best to just block you, or not join up or whatever the terminology is for the fuking thing.

If she cant provide one, then either she doesnt want you to see something or doesnt want people to know that she is in a relationship with you. Dont jump the gun yet and start accusing her of. Play it cool and dont drop the subject.

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Youre in the right here and either she'll add you or the truth will come out eventually. Bro, she's hiding something from you and it's a fact.

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One, when I was dating some chick who was clearly a clinger I didn't want her to be friends with me on face because I had other plans. Two, an old ex teen guy chat mine didn't want me on face either because she wanted 'privacy' and turns asd she was still in contact with some guy.

It's a red flag, if people hide girlfriend wont add me on facebook in a relationship it's always a red flag and if she isn't open I would be very wary, because from my experience women cheat like. Thats my theory, she is only reluctant because she can't possibly remember every last thing she has ever said about him on there and best play it safe by blocking.

I doubt she is asian girls Rochelle swingers OP, but stay safe.

Why won't my girlfriend add me on Facebook? - lifestyle

Originally Posted by Manc Hahahahahaahhahaha literally lol'd. Originally Posted by TechnoRaver. I think she said something about having added boyfriends in the past and it not being good but idk. She will add anyone on there but me and its annoying as he'll.

Focus - the key? Originally Posted by deadliftdang. Sounds about right