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Seeking a woman who likes to receive oral

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today.

Seeking a woman who likes to receive oral Looking Sex Contacts

Unique—Like Everybody Else. In the study of human sexualitythe psychological factors associated with interest in oral sex have been understudied.

In a previous articleI discussed a recent seeking a woman who likes to receive oral that proposed an evolutionary explanation for interest in oral sex, namely that performing flirt social networking sites sex is performed to detect partner infidelity.

Future research could more profitably explore how female interest in oral sex might be sseeking to personality traits known to be related to variations in sexual attitudes and behaviour. Additionally, the authors argue that having a highly attractive partner puts one at increased risk of partner infidelity.

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As discussed in detail in my previous articlePham and Shackelford initially tested this hypothesis seeking a woman who likes to receive oral relation to men, and found, as anticipated, that among men in committed heterosexual relationships, those who rated their partners as more attractive also showed more interest in performing oral sex. They considered this as evidence for their infidelity detection hypothesis, although they did discuss two alternative hypotheses, i.

Personally, I found it puzzling that they did not consider the more mundane possibility that men who find their partners highly attractive might be more interested in sexual acts generally, including oral seeking a woman who likes to receive oral.

In a more recent articlePham et al. Additionally, when they compared the results of this study to those of mature lady young guy one on men, they found, not surprisingly, that the relationship between partner attractiveness and interest in grannys big breast oral sex was stronger in men than in women.

Based on these results, I would think that a reasonable conclusion is that women appear to have different reasons than men for being interested in oral sex, at least in committed relationships. I therefore found the way the authors expressed their own conclusion somewhat convoluted:.

The current results provide support for the free xxx Argentina blowjobs detection hypothesis of oral sex; the differences in fluid quantity left behind by a rival i. To me, this sounds like a roundabout way of saying that "fellatio is ineffective compared to cunnilingus for detecting infidelity and therefore tp theory cannot explain why women are interested in fellatio at all.

The authors do raise the reasonable consideration that fellatio involves a greater risk of transmitting an STD to likee recipient compared to cunnilingus. However, if a woman was concerned that her highly attractive partner was beallsville PA cheating wives other women and putting her at risk of an infection, then I suspect that she would show reduced interest in performing oral sex to protect.

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As noted earlier, Pham and Shackelford considered that the results in the study on men might be explained by the sperm retention hypothesis. I find this statement simply baffling, defying explanation. Why would women be concerned with their? What does this even mean? This statement appears to contradict itself: Furthermore, prior research findings have focused on the satisfaction of the recipient of oral sex, something which the current pair of studies did not address.

In another paper they do discuss in detail the theory that men may use cunnilingus to keep their partner happy and dissuade her from straying from the relationship. I looking for sex patner not see why they did not devote space in the new paper to discuss the possibility that women might employ fellatio for the same purpose, instead of wasting time going on about sperm retention.

The results of seeking a woman who likes to receive oral Pham et al. The results indicate that women might have different reasons than men for being interested in oral sex, but they do not indicate what these reasons might be.

No big surprise. More interesting lkes, was that the second most common typical reason was for the pleasure of the giver, and this reason was more frequently given by men than women That is, men were more likely than women to say that they gave oral sex primarily for their own enjoyment Chambers, The authors wo this study suggested that women who find fellatio satisfying may be those who have more liberal and experimental attitudes towards sex, call girls wanted who are free of psychological blocks about sex, such as disgust at the male genitals and semen in particular.

A number of personality traits seeking a woman who likes to receive oral been linked to sexual attitudes. Openness to experience is also associated with a wider range of sexual fantasies whl more accurate knowledge yo sex. The studies on interest in oral sex by Pham and colleagues attempted to link this behaviour with a particular theory wh in evolutionary psychology.

Attempting to link human behaviours to seeiing broader theory is a worthwhile endeavour, but in this case I think seekinh attempt has been unsuccessful, particularly in the study on women. I think that a more potentially fruitful womna would be to study this behaviour in the context of personality traits that already have known linkages with human sexuality. It may also be interesting to compare motivations to perform oral sex in a wider variety of relational indiana amatuer sex, e.

Michael Pham, the lead author of the target article discussed in this post, has kindly taken the time to address issues that I have raised, in the comments section. Please do not reproduce without permission. Brief excerpts may be quoted as long seeking a woman who likes to receive oral a link to the original article is provided. Porn Stars and Evolutionary Psychology.

Limes Personalities of Porn Stars. Are Sex and Religion Natural Recdive Does Oral Sex have an Evolutionary Purpose? Semen an Seeking a woman who likes to receive oral Think Again. Another Look.

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Evolutionary Psychology: This is an essential read for anyone interested in understanding the scientific basis of the subject. Tooby and Cosmides response to Gould - debunks widely believed misinformation about the subject that originated with biologist Stephen Jay Gould, e. Apt, Sdeking. The role of fellatio in marital sexuality: An examination of sexual compatibility and sexual desire.

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Sexual and Marital Therapy11 4 Chambers, W. Oral Sex: Varied Behaviors and Perceptions in a College Oarl. Journal of Sex Research, 44 1 Gaither, G. The Sexual Sensation Seeking Scale: Journal of Personality Assessment, 81 2 McCrae, R. Openness to Experience.

Mark R. Leary Ed. The Guildford Press. Pham, M. Oral sex as infidelity-detection.

People really value oral sex when it comes to having an affair, suggests survey | Metro News

Personality and Individual Differences, 54 6 Personality xeeking Individual Differences, 55 4 Schmitt, D. Sexual Dimensions of Person Description: Beyond or Subsumed by the Big Five?

Journal of Research in Personality, 34 2 The idea of performing oral sex to check to see if the partner has been unfaithful sounds pretty ridiculous to me. Assuming the "inspection" happens at the start, this would render the rest pretty unnecessary. And how much evidence is there likely to be? serking

If they are wno a evolutionary psychology approach, do they have any evidence that primitive man performed oral sex? I support the idea of it being to please the partner, perhaps this is likely to increase the givers arousal.

And, of course, there is the I do you, you do me factor. Did any of the tests male mutual masturbation story this?

Perhaps examining the link between people who highly enjoy oral sex being performed on them and how this prompts them to perform it on their partner? I feel as though the research mentioned at the start of this article seems to generate more questions than it answers.

I agree that it seems far-fetched, Married lady want sex Panguitch don't even know if it would work. In their paper on cunnilingus, they found that the amount of time spent performing oral sex was correlated with the woman's attractiveness, and argued that this was evidence for their theory.

The thing I was wondering was, how long is the "inspection" supposed to take? It would be pretty hard to find evidence about what primitive man actually did, although I suppose if there were cave paintings depicting such behaviour, that would be seeking a woman who likes to receive oral convincing.

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sesking In my previous article I noted that reciprocity has been found to play a role in motivation to perform oral sex. I think the idea of increasing the giver's arousal makes sense as. I read Pham's original article on cunnilingus, and was very frustrated that the authors didn't acknowledge this alternative explanation for their results.

It's much more parsimonious and sensible than their bizarre hypothesis about infidelity detection. I haven't read their article about felatio, and based seeking a woman who likes to receive oral your summary, I don't plan to.

Did they really get nothing but null results? I wonder how they managed to get it published. Why do some women and men enjoy performing felatio and cunnilingus?

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The mouth is rich in nerve endings, so sensory pleasure is probably an important factor. I suspect there's also something about having the power ability to give the partner pleasure. woan

Hi Sybil, I'm glad you enjoyed my post!